Friday, October 30, 2009

A "Magnet"riffic Day

To culminate our magnet unit we explored and experimented with all kinds of different magnets. We learned so many things. Mrs. Deal taught us that "the earth is the biggest magnet", and also taught us about compasses. We learned where North, South, East, and West were. Mrs. Clarkson used the ActivBoard to show us different things that were magnetic and things that were not. We also had some AWESOME parent volunteers...they helped us go fishing for magnetic objects, showed us how magnets repel and attract, and even helped us use magnets to guide paperclips through a maze. We had a BLAST. After each station we were just like real scientist and recorded our findings in our magnet journal.

Learning that our earth is the biggest magnet of all magnets was so neat!!! Also, learning how a compass works and using the globe was very interesting!

Each magnet has a north pole and south pole, and opposite poles attract, and same poles repel. We practiced this by using a pencil and putting 2 circle magnets on it. We made the magnets repel and was COOL!!
Kindergarten had fun fishing for magnetic objects...we found out that coins,rubber dinosaurs, straws, shells,and lots of other things are NOT magnetic, not even in the water. Paper clips, bolts, scissors, and other metal things ARE magnetic, even in the water. We fished for all kinds of things, and also got a little wet!!!:)

Playing with paperclips was fun. A magnetic wand was able to go through a paper plate and move paper clips through a maze. WOW!!!! We were able to move 5 and 6 paper clips at one time.

Storybook Parade

We had so much fun parading through the hallways of Meadow Wood. There were superheroes, cheerleaders, Harry Potter's, Fancy Nancy's and more in Kindergarten today! There was even a Halloween treat waiting for us in our classrooms when we finished our parade.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Red Ribbon Week

Today is Crazy Hair Day..We are "Crazy" About Saying NO to Drugs...just take a look.......

October 20th National Day of Writing

We celebrated by sharing our books that we have written with a buddy from another class. We also worked on our books that we have not finished. We love to write in kindergarten. We are consuming books written by Eric Carle. Next week, we will be critiquing his books and making a chart of things we notice in his books. Then we will get to produce our own version of a book using what we noticed about his books.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


October 22nd and 23rd are Early Dismissal Days for Conferences, school will be dismissed at 12

October 29th - 8:30-2:00-Field Trip to Dewberry Farms
Please wear school t-shirt and put on sunscreen before coming to school, also please bring a sack lunch

October 30th -8:30 Storybook Parade
We will have refreshments for the students on the playground following the parade

October 30th- Fun with Magnets-- in the Math/Science Lab- during the school day
Students will participate in different magnet centers